Download Mp3: Bibi Bourelly – White House

Bibi Bourelly - White House

Bibi Bourelly – White House

Many Americans have spent the last few years living in fear as Donald Trump runs the country. Artists have done their part in critiquing his policies and now Bibi Bourelly is coming through with an important message of her own. The vocalist has just released her latest single “White House” where she takes direct aim at the man in the Oval Office. She uses a bunch of found footage to put together a thought-provoking video that goes hand-in-hand with the audio.

Bibi may not be a huge name but this message is as big as anything else. She has a voice and she’s proudly using it in “White House,” stating her fears and creating resonance as she sings, “The kids can’t play outside.” What do you think of her powerful new song?

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m scared for the birds
I’m scared for the bees
I’m scared for the earth
I’m scared for its trees
I’m scared New York gonna drown
Mr. Fireman, the empire is falling down
What about all the lil Jay-Zs?
What about all the lil Biggies?
What about all of the free CDs bumping
And all of the sneaker shops on 8th street?



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